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Penny Hydraulics design, manufacture, install and service a wide range of lifting equipment.


Penny Hydraulics has its own purpose built premises housing its manufacturing and assembly plant and carries out all the functions of a fully integrated company with design, manufacturing, quality control, aftersales support and nationwide service operation.


The company is partnered with industry leading professional and trade organisations and are approved commercial vehicle converters for major vehicle manufacturers including Renault, Nissan and Volkswagen. In addition to this, commercial vehicle body builders worldwide from USA to Australia and Hungary to Benelux, choose to partner with Penny Hydraulics to sell lifting applications all over the world.


Penny Hydraulics Ltd is possibly best known for its market leading range of hydraulic lifting equipment, vehicle mounted cranes and vehicle mounted platform lifts as well as goods lift solutions such as the Cellar Lift drinks delivery hoists and Mezz Lift, mezzanine floor lift range.


Specialist mining equipment including the pit prop range (powered roof support legs; advance rams; machine rams) and valves are market leading products within the mining industry and Penny Nuclear provides specialist products and services for all stages of the nuclear plant cycle.


Raising and Lowering systems are the leading authority in the installation and maintenance of lifting and lowering systems for chandeliers and other lighting installations in the UK.